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Construction Site Assistance
Super Heavy Foundation Work

Mr. Higgins has over 8 years experience in the design of heavy industrial structures (conventional and nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants cement plants, ore processing facilities) in both structural steel and reinforced concrete. This is combined with 12 years experience gained at Birnbaum and Associates with the design of large excavation shoring, earth retaining and stabilization and underpinning of large buildings. This experience includes field coordination of construction on fast track type projects which has lead to working relationships with several large contractors. These are maintained, and new projects are accepted for these clients. New clients are accepted only by referral. The nature of the work, and its attendant high liability exposure, limits clients to those which accept our chosen lack of errors and omissions insurance.

Partial Project Listing:

Science Center School, Los Angeles, CA. Project includes temporary shoring, underpinning, and building stabilization of the 1913 Pan American Exhibition Hall/Armory for conversion into a school and teaching museum. Also included are general formwork and falsework design, sequence of work, and general construction assistance. This historic building must be preserved intact during an almost total structural retrofit to the most demanding seismic standards.

Back to the Future-The Ride and Tram Station Relocation, Universal City, CA. Project involved excavation shoring and permanent earth retention structures for an unstable hillside site which remained open to the public during construction; assistance with earth moving, construction rigging and steel erection sequence.

Peninsula Center Library Expansion, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Project involved temporary excavation shoring, temporary building shoring, construction sequencing of demolition and new work, formwork and falsework design, and general construction assistance. The library remained open to the public during the expansion.

Hyperion Digester Expansion, Los Angeles, CA., Tillman Reclamation Plant, Whittier, CA. Projects include evaluation of concrete structures for formwork stripping times, general assistance with excavation shoring and construction sequencing.

Jensen Filtration Plant, Van Nuys, CA. Re-analysis via elastic foundation techniques and structural re-qualification of main sedimentation tanks for modified reinforcing placement.

Waste Water Treatment Facility, Needles, CA. Project involved design of sheet piling and cofferdams for plant and outfall construction (the main cofferdam withstood the 100 year Colorado river flood for over 6 months)

Partial Client Listing

Bernards Brothers, San Fernando, CA
Dillingham Construction N.A., Inc. (including various joint partnerships), Pasadena, CA
Foundation Pile, Inc., Fontana, CA
M Industrial Mechanical, Long Beach, CA


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