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Peter S. Higgins and Associates is a consulting structural engineering firm specializing in material handling systems (storage rack and shelving, conveyors, carousels, and similar equipment), Prefabricated structures (mezzanines, in-plant offices, etc.) site construction assistance (temporary excavation shoring, building demolition and construction sequence, formwork and falsework design), super heavy foundation work (sheet piling, underpinning, cofferdams, large permanent earth retaining structures), stage rigging (theater, studio and location), and as a resource to other consultants. The principal engineer, Peter Higgins, is a registered civil/structural engineer in the western continental United States, Canada, the southern Pacific Basin, UK and EU. The office serves mainly other consultants, manufacturers, studios, production companies and contractors in the above fields. We do not as a rule deal with the general public or architects except under unusual circumstances. By choice, we do not maintain errors and omissions insurance. The company was founded in 1991, and operates as a sole proprietorship.

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