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Stage Rigging

Originally an extension of construction rigging projects for major clients, the office now has gained over 15 years experience with stage rigging and set design. Services are offered within our field of expertise which includes: assistance with location, stage and studio set design; design and design review of rigging; certification of rigging in schools and essential facilities to CAC 24 standards; review of location rigging, assistance with building departments regarding modifications to location structures.

Partial Project Listing

Titanic, 20th Century Fox/Paramount. General engineering of all sets including the main set superstructure for full scale replica of ship (over 700’ long). Entire set (design weight of over 4.5 million pounds) was moveable via custom support system to allow raising and tilting. The fore section of the ship (design weight of over 2.5 million pounds) was suspended on hydraulics to simulate the sinking over a 34 foot lift/tilt range. Design of numerous other sets and structures including a 140’ long stern section which pivoted 90 degrees, hydraulic system foundations for the suspension systems, numerous tanks, stacks, masts and other set elements. General consultation regarding film studio design and construction which was occurring simultaneously.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney. General engineering of all nautical sets, including 2 seagoing sailing ship replicas (constructed on barges). Special effects rigging.

Swordfish, Warner Bros. General design assistance with main sets, and special effects. Work included vehicle modifications, rigging design and certification for the buses flown over downtown LA, design of 40’ tall multistory set and rigging for bus/building crash sequence, design consultation for numerous other effects.

The Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas, Universal. General set design including a location recreation of “Rock Vegas” including several casinos and other sets over 60’ tall, Assistance with special effects.

World Tours: Justin Christina, Jenifer Lopez, Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne, Britney Spears, Weezer

Other projects

1999 Grammy Awards, Los Angeles, CA
The Agency, Century Studios
Assassins, Warner Brothers
Blue Streak, Columbia
Bridges Auditorium, Claremont College, CA
Casper, Universal
Cultural and Civic Center, Caguas, PR
Daredevil, 20th Century Fox
Escape From L.A., Paramount
Enough, Columbia
How to Make an American Quilt, Universal
The Incredible Hulk, Universal
K Pax, Universal
Kentucky Center for the Arts, Louisville, KY
The Last Castle, Dreamworks
Lost River and Broadway Theaters, Tokyo Disneyland
The Marshall, Paramount
Miss Saigon, Los Angeles, CA
Mystery Men, Universal
Planet of the Apes, 20th Century Fox
Rat Race, Paramount
Rocky and Bullwinkle, Universal
Rush Hour, Juno Pix
Serenity, Universal
Small Soldiers, Dreamworks
Speed 2, 20th Century Fox
Spiderman 2, Columbia
T-3 (Terminator 3), L.A. Center Studios
The Terminal, Dreamworks
Tina What's Love, Disney
El Capitan Theater Renovation, Hollywood, CA
Singapore American School, Singapore
Univ. Calif. Drama Studio, Santa Barbara, CA
War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, CA
Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, CA

Partial Client Listing
(Studio listings include numerous individual production companies unless noted)

20th Century Fox, Century City, CA
Branam Enterprises, Santa Clarita, CA
BRC Imagination Arts, Burbank, CA
Castle Rock, Culver City, CA
Century Studios, Los Angeles, CA
The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, CA
Dreamworks, Universal City, CA
Grosh Scenic Studios, Hollywood, CA
Juno Pix/New Line, Hollywood, CA
Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
L. A Center Studios, Los Angeles, CA
M. K. Ross Company, Paramount, CA
Miramax, Santa Monica, CA
Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA
Rayleigh Studios, Hollywood, CA
Sony, Culver City, CA
The Music Center Operating Co. (Ahmanson Theater, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Mark Taper Forum), Los Angeles, CA
Tru Roll, Glendale, CA
United Artists Productions, Santa Monica, CA
Universal Studios, Universal City, CA
Warner Brothers, Burbank, CA
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY


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